Swiffix, 2016

Simplifying people’s lives by connecting them with verified on-demand professionals

In collaboration with a very small team of engineers and product manager, we spent the following two months to create the first version of the platform to validate the hypothesis at hand. My role was to design the first version of the iOS App. And based on that, lay the foundation of the web version.

Understanding the problem

With so many handymen around but difficult to identify trustable professionals among them, Swiffix's ultimate aim was to validate the hypothesis that, creating a rating based community of handymen will make it easier for people to identify the best professionals around town.

From data to insights to flows

In order to create a product that people will use, it was crucial for us to know how people handled various needs in the house; like cleaning, electrical and plumbing works, etc. We believe that knowing this and researching the problems associated with it can show us the opportunity gap which the proposed product can easily fill.

Sketching the flows

Since time is not a luxury that we have, I started very early on fleshing out ideas on paper then trasformed the user flows into sketches.

Visual System

At the beginning, there were explorations around adding delight to the experience with introduction of colors and copy that's perceived as fun. As we move along during the validation phase, we realized that a different approach where we bring the functionality of the product to the fore-front works better.