Ridwan Sanusi

Experience Designer

Embracing challenges. Designing the right thing. Designing it the right way. Enjoying the process.

What I do

As an experience designer, the core of my work involves helping my team understand complex challenges through research, explore ideas based on actionable insights and craft data-informed designs that solve customer problems while adding value to business.

Role & responsibilities

Because of the pivotal role of design in bringing user-centricity to product development, I often serve as the glue that brings various roles together to rally around the challenge at hand from the understanding phase to launching the product. Hence, collaboration, team-work, facilitation and writing are the important layers above my core skills that help me do my job.

Brief Bio

Born and raised in Nigeria. In the past ten years, I have lived in Southeast Asia, Middle East and currently Europe. Travel and experiencing new cultures have always played a big role in shaping my personal beliefs.

Other Activities

When I'm not knee-deep in some design work, I try to spend some time improving my javascript through various side projects, penning down some notes on design & whatnots or you can find me fiddling with my Maschine MK2 sampling old records to make beats.

Currently (2016 - Now)

UX Designer at booking.com, Amsterdam

Previously (2013 - 2016)

UX Designer at icflix.com, Dubai

Earlier (2011 - 2013)

Senior Web Designer at Go-Gulf.com, Dubai

Current Side Projects

Design Sidenotes, Project Journal, Quran for the curious minds, Notes App, Watchbox

Recent Books